Project 1: Starting an External Environmental Analysis BMGT 495 – Project 1: Starting an External Environment Analysis (Week 2) Companies

Project 1: Starting an External Environment Analysis

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Company Overview

(Provide a company overview, which is an essential component to the strategic management process. A company overview describes the purpose(s) for the founding of the company, i.e, what problems was it formed to solve and/or opportunities it was formed to exploit, who are the founders, home country or state, current management, employee headcount, last year’s revenue, etc.)

Industry Identification

(Identify the global industry in which the company operates. This information comes from Mergent Online, Morningstar or similar financial database from the UMGC Library). It does not come from articles, course material or any other resource)

PESTEL Analysis

(Discuss the company’s general environment by developing a PESTEL analysis. Use the course material to identify the elements of the PESTEL and what components make up each element. Be sure to thoroughly present and support the reasoning for what is presented. You may not use a PESTEL analysis that is already completed and available on the Internet. A zero will result if used as the analysis has to be the result of your research and your own development. NOTE: A PESTEL analysis is not a table and it is not a bulleted assessment.)

Key Trends for Industry

(Identify and discuss one key trend for each letter of the PESTEL for the industry)

Key Trends for Industry

(Select one of the six trends identified in the previous requirement and discuss how the focal company could be affected by the selected trends.)

Key Areas of Uncertainty

(Discuss key areas of uncertainty related to the identified trend for the focal company that could potentially impact the company’s strategy)

Company Mission, Vision and Objectives

(Perform a strategic analysis of the company’s mission, vision and objectives.)


(Create a concluding paragraph. The Conclusion is intended to emphasize the purpose/significance of the analysis, emphasize the significance/consequence of findings, and indicate the wider applications that are derived from the main points of the project’s requirements. You will draw conclusions about the findings of the external environment analysis.)

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