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Principles of transpersonal caring can be applied to improve the interactions

Question One  Provide an explanation of the value-based…

Question One 

Provide an explanation of the value-based assumptions that are evident in the case study.

Question Two

2.  Explain how the principles of transpersonal caring can be applied to improve the interactions in the case study.


Learning Outcomes

explain how transpersonal care principles can be applied to patient care.
demonstrate knowledge of the application of value assumptions in caring moments.


Ethics (Knowledge) – understand ethical approaches such as rights, utilitarianism and virtue ethics and the need for moral awareness and reflection on moral values.
Ethics (Skill) – critically reflect on, discuss and challenge the values intrinsic in the different practices in which they participate.
Sustainable Practices (Skill) – apply acquired sustainability knowledge individually and collectively for the improvement of local and global environmental sustainability.


You are a third year nursing student on placement in a medical ward in a large suburban public hospital. You have been asked to perform a nursing assessment and create a care plan for Kaisa who was admitted for a chest infection.

In preparation for the assessment, you review Kaisa’s care plan. You read she is from Thailand and came to Australia to study nursing. She is the first in her family to go to university. You see her current occupation as a casual dancer. You notice the two Australian Border security guards in the room with her. Her notes state she overstayed her student visa and was picked up by immigration officers. She was brought to hospital as she got sick in immigration detention. She has HIV. You enter the room and introduce yourself. Kaisa responds, kindly and respectfully to you. You notice she is a tall, beautiful looking young woman with long black hair.

While you are on your morning tea break, you listen as other nurses spread the gossip about why Kaisa has guards. They say Kaisa is male and working in a gay brothel to support herself while she studies. The mutterings continue amongst the nurses “there’s no point doing much for her, she’ll be back where she belongs in Thailand, she’s got AIDS, she’s going to die so why bother”.

You are unsure what to do. You go to your RN and tell them what you heard. Your buddy nurse asks you to reflect on Watson’s caring science, in particular the value assumptions. He says reflecting on these will help before you see Kaisa again. The value assumptions are relevant for Kaisa’s safety and well-being. Your RN asks you to reflect on the principles of transpersonal teaching, in conjunction with caritas process 7: shared teaching and learning that addresses individual needs and comprehension styles. Your buddy nurse suggests when you go back to see Kaisa, you base your interaction on an understanding of these principles as a person with unique needs and as a basis for ethical, person centred care in practice.

You take time preparing before you go to Kaisa’s room again. When you see Kaisa, you approach with a caring attitude and a focus on a caring-healing modality. You ask about her nursing studies and her eyes light up. She begins to share her reasons for wanting to study nursing and what she hopes to accomplish.

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