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PPP3: Be More Decisive | My Assignment Tutor

PPP3: Be More Decisive
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APP3 Be more Decisive.pptx A+ (170.731 KB) Exploring how personal branding and values influence decision making. Consideration of the need for research to support academic and professional decision-making. Students will consider how the final project might fit with their personal academic and career goals and begin to identify the key academic skills necessary for success. This will include an exploration of advanced information seeking skills. What are your career goals, how can you achieve them, how to start looking at research? Two sections: 1. Personal Branding: What it is and why it is important. Use everyday brands that all of them buy and use. Look at the purchasing decisions you have made and how this might relate to you as a person. You probably did more research than you thought! Others followed the crowd. Linking market research to your own values you wish to portray and demonstrate the importance. 2. Values of research and the introduction of how you will have to use it for their TIP project (EBMgt)

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