Pecha Kucha 3: Computer Automation in Aircraft Design

Using computer automation has changed the way we design and test functionality. For this activity, you will create a Pecha Kucha-style presentation explaining two advantages of using the computer automation to test and build aircraft or components. You may use any resources, internal or external to the course. Be sure to properly cite and reference sources for all content.


This assignment uses a modified 5×25 Pecha Kucha approach, requiring a brief 5 slide presentation with 25 seconds of discussion per slide either in audio or caption format. Refer to the Pecha Kucha Evaluation Rubric (available via the drop-down menu) to make sure that you understand the requirements for your submission. See Activity 1.3 – Preview: Pecha Kucha for all additional Pecha Kucha-related support.


Share your Pecha Kucha 3 presentation in this forum. You may submit it in whatever format works best, whether it be a file upload, embedded HTML presentation, link to an external presentation, etc. Once you have shared your presentation, please view your peers’ presentations. Replies are optional, but encouraged.


View the videos below related to Module 6 learning objectives. These videos supplements the Module readings.

  • Video Title: 5 computer aided plane design 1
  • Duration: 2:36
  • YouTube User: Alastair Barker
  • Date: Jan 6, 2013

 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


  • Video Title: 21st Century Jet – Building the Boeing 777 – Full Episode 1
  • Duration: 56:13
  • YouTube User: shareoldvideos
  • Date: Aug 3, 2013

 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Attachments area
Preview YouTube video 5 computer aided plane design 1

Preview YouTube video 21st Century Jet – Building the Boeing 777 – Full Episode 1

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