Operations and Supply Chain Management Project

Operations and Supply Chain Management Project
Due date: 20 September 2020
Aim and key objectives: Students need to select a project from their own real practice.
Students need to apply the SCM theory into practice to seek feasible solutions. More details can be found in marking rubric.
• The emphasis in this assessment will be on analysis, critical thinking, and the application of the right strategy/technique /tool/methodology in a practical O&SCM setting either on your working organisation, or an organisation from the Internet, Journals, Magazines, or any medias. Where possible, you should use real examples and data, particularly where making the case that there is a problem. (NB: All materials are confidential and are only used for assessment purposes.)
• You should stick to ONE problem only from the case organisation/function that is approved by the lecturer.
• Length: 1000 ± 100 words (excluding executive summary, tables, figures, references, and appendices).
• Diagrams/figures may be useful but must be briefly explained/described.
• Be clear and concise.
• The approach should be ‘critical’ instead of descriptive.
• Please refer to the criteria and trait in the “O&SCM Project Marking Rubric”
• Propose solutions and make sure that you discuss who must be involved and what their responsibilities are to make these changes happen.
• You are encouraged to interact with the lecturer to clarify ideas and clear any doubts that you have.
• The assignment will result in a business report addressed to the senior management of the case organisation.
• You must create a O&SCM improvement plan for the organisation, focusing on ONE well-defined issue that will create significant improvement in the outcome for the project.
• You may need to limit the scope of the analysis or focus. If so – state that you are doing this. If you are making assumptions – state them.
• Reference to the rubric will outline requirements/expectations and the relative weighting of the requirements.
• While the analysis and recommendations are the core of your task, do not neglect the other requirements.

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