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Opening a Flower Shop | My Assignment Tutor

Project Charter

Project title

“Opening a Flower Shop in Winnipeg”

Project description

This project basically focuses on the opening of a flower shop in Winnipeg. Opening a flower shop is my dream project because I love plants and I am talented flower decorator. The main aim of this project is to cater to the requirements of the customers.

Executive Summary/background

Opening a flower shop, like a business, requires lots of efforts, funds, love, dedication and knowledge. This project is basically undertaken for the purpose of serving the needs of the customers in the flower shop. By opening a flower shop, I can help other people to celebrate their milestones of their lives.

Business need/project goals

To ensure that different types of flowers are provided to the customers for various locations.
To adopt the best marketing approach for survival in the competitive market like using social media for advertisement.
Experience designer needed because in the modern society It is seen that the trends of presenting flowers are increasing.

SMART Objectives for the project are:

Specific(S)-It will cater to the requirements of the customers and provide various customized services as per the taste of the customers.

Measurable(M)-This is easily measured with the help of the satisfaction level of the customers. All the services will be rendered to the customers in such a way so that they are fully satisfied.

Attainable(A)-The main goal of this project could be achieved by improving the quality of services provided to the customers.

Relevant(R)-The relevant goal is to appoint such a level of staff would be able to communicate with the customers effectively.

Timely(T)-These objectives will be achieved within a time span of 2 months.

Justification for this project

This project started by an experienced florist specialist as I have experience in working in Blossoms and I am trained flower designer. This project will be an immense success in future.
I will offer partnership to the sponsor.

Scope of work

It is seen that in the modern society it has become a tradition to present flowers to friends and loved ones on certain occasions. Hence the demand of flower has rapidly increased in the society. People wants the best décor in their special days so, this is one of the main scopes for opening of this flower shop.

Key deliverables or final product description

The products which are provided in this flower shop comprises of different varieties of flowers. This basically comprises of Orchids, Hyacinth, Tulips, Lotus, Lily of The Valley, Calla Lily etc.

Key stakeholders

Project sponsor- Simran Kaur (Friend)
Project manager- Sonali Rao
Project team members- Nitika Verma (Sister)

Project milestones

The project will start on 10.06.2020 and end on 25.07.2021. The first milestone will be achieved by coming Saturday by making the contract for renting shop.

Constraints, assumptions, risks, dependencies


Immense competition in the flower industry.
Difficult to complete project on time due to Corona restrictions.
Difficulty in finding experienced staff.


Project will require $35,000.
I will get the shop in prime location.
All the staff in the flower shop have knowledge about flowers.

Risks and dependencies-

During the pandemic it is risky for the business to survive in the long run.

Approval signatures

Simran Kaur Project Sponsor

Sonali Rao. Project Manager

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