Nutrition Analysis

Enter 4 days of food intake at (
After entering your 4 days of foods in you must analyze each of the 17 nutritional items by listing the weekly average of what you had in my Fitness Pal.
How do you do this:
1-Hit reports at the top it’s right close to where you see FOOD.
2-Once you click that hit last 30 days when you go to look at each item individually.
3-Then look at the little box and hit the little drop down list and get the amounts of all 17 items from Calories to Calcium.
4- When you click on each one by itself then add the 4 blue bars and divide by 4 to get your average for the week for each chart.
5- Do this for all 17 items write down your averages on the document named Nutrition Template that is the one you will upload along with your charts. Then tell me if it’s good or bad and use the cheatsheet as a guide. Tell me your average and what you should be getting in that area and if the value was healthy or unhealthy. If it was unhealthy, tell me specifically what changes you will make in your diet (please list exact foods you will add or delete in your diet to be healthier). Each item should have at least 3-4 sentences. PLEASE READ THE COMMON ERRORS IN THE NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS DOCUMENT. It will provide you with examples of how to do it and what is not correct.
6- Lastly, attach 3 of the 17 charts to the assignment by either a screenshot or you can also take a picture of the screen and submit it as a photo in the assignment dropbox. If possible you can also cut and paste them into your template at the end. Please SEE SAMPLE OF A SCREENSHOT in the Assignment area.

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Your Suggested Fitness And Nutrition Goals
Congratulations! Your personalized diet and fitness profile is now complete. Based on your answers, here are your suggested nutrition and fitness goals.

Nutritional Goals Target
Net Calories Consumed* / Day 2,600 Calories / Day
Carbs / Day 325.0 g
Fat / Day 87.0 g
Protein / Day 130.0 g
*Net calories consumed = total calories consumed – exercise calories burned. So the more you exercise, the more you can eat!

Fitness Goals Target
Calories Burned / Week 1,190 Calories / Week
Workouts / Week 3 workouts
Minutes / Workout 60 minutes
If you follow this plan…

Your projected weight loss is 0 lbs/week

You should lose 0 lbs by October 20

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