NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Trimester 1 2018

NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management

Trimester 1 2018


Assignment 1

Deadline: Week 7 (Deadline Friday 11/5/2018 11:59pm)


Group assignment (2 Students)





Assessment Overview

You are to develop from the beginning a web site about yourself with regard to accommodation. This web site provides certain required details about your experience in accommodation in which you have stayed. You will design and develop your web site with Notepad++ using PHP, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

This assignment is worth 25% of the total marks for the unit. Students complete the assignment individually.



The purpose of this assignment is for you to build a web site that will contain some details about accommodation you have had experience with, e.g., the number of hotels you have stayed in, the number of bedrooms in your current accommodation, etc.

This assignment involves creation of three PHP files corresponding to the three pages of your web site and all are connected to an external CSS file. You will need to determine how your site will be designed and then you will develop the pages using PHP, HTML and CSS.

The pages and CSS file you will develop are explained below.

Home page (.php file)

The first page of your site the user sees will be a home page. This page will be a welcome to the site. You will explain to the user what the site is about. The content of the page will include at least two paragraphs. An appropriate heading must be placed at the top of the page indicating what the page or site is about.

The word limit for this page, excluding the heading, is 130 – 150 words. You must keep the number of words within this range.

In the home page, add two links for “Accommodation details” page and “About Us” page.

Accommodation details page (.php file)

Begin this page with an appropriate heading (as all pages of the site will have) reflecting that this page deals with details about accommodation. Do not use “Accommodation details” in the heading but use another title for your heading. This page is composed of three sections.

Dr Nguyen Vo

This assignment guide must only be used for the purposes of completing the assignment, and not used elsewhere or in other places.


Section 1 to add NEW Customer. Start the section with “NEW Customer” title and add the details of customer title, customer first name, customer last name, customer email address, customer phone number, and customer address.

Section 2 to add Checkin details. Start the section with “Checkin details” title and add the following details: checkin date, checkout date, room number (preferred to select from drop down list).


Section 3 to add Payment details. Start the section with “Payment Details” title and add the following details: Card type, Card holder name, Card number and expiry date (month/year).

Section 4: Submit the page

Optional: The student can make these three sections in different pages or use all in one page.

Current accommodation details page (.php file)

This page conveys certain aspects about the booking details.

Like the previous page, show a heading at the top of the page. Do not use “Current accommodation details” in the heading text but use some other title.

Show the details of customer name, check in and check out details along with payment approved message if the payment details are added in previous page.


Cascading Style Sheet

Use CSS file for formatting used for all web pages.


Ensure that you use appropriate names for all files of the site. Avoid file names that reflect that they are about a university assignment, but instead reflect what their purpose is in the site.

Also ensure that file contents are laid out properly and neatly and that all code is indented consistently and properly.

Important issues

Do not include any images in your site. Using images from other sites where permission is not granted will violate copyright associated with those images. No marks are being awarded for use of images so there is no benefit in including images.

It is without a doubt that students could be able copy text or other material from the other sites and include it, as it is, in their own sites. This would be a clear case of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that in this case would involve theft of material, and this would result in penalisation of the student.

To avoid students plagiarising material from other sites, and therefore prevent penalisation of students, all content that is used in the student’s site must be totally written in their own words. It is not allowable for students to use the source material, in the form it has been written at the source site, within the student’s site.

You should watch the plagiarism-related videos placed on VU Collaborate to assist you in avoiding plagiarism.


Assignment Mode

Students carry out the assignment individually. Students must not share any part of their work with each other.


Marking Scheme

You must test that your pages work in the browser. It is recommended to test each page on multiple browsers. Note below that there are marks for getting the pages to work in the browser and you must debug any errors to avoid loss of marks.


Home page

Content                                                                                                               2 Page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser                                              2


Accommodation details page

Section 1Customer details                                                                                 5 Section 2 Booking details                                                                            5 Section 3 Payment details                                                                            5


Current accommodation details page

Confirmation details                                                                                          5 Page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser                                              2



One external CSS applied to all pages                                                               1



Heading on every page                                                                                       1 Relevant naming of all files used in site                                                          1

Layout of and indentation within files                                                                1


Total:                                                                                                                30


The mark out of 30 is converted to a final mark out of 25.




Word count of home page and introductory paragraphs outside of range                                                                                                               up to -3 marks




  • Make sure you have completed all lab work relevant to a particular aspect of the assignment before commencing work on that aspect of the assignment. Lab exercises are where learning, errors and practice occur before embarking on a larger task (the assignment) worth many marks.

Assignment Submission

This assignment is due in Week 7

Your submission will contain three PHP files and a CSS file. All of these files will be placed in a relevant folder hierarchy and zipped for submission.

Please be clear that the unit coordinator will not be responsible for a student who is unable to submit successfully working copies of files in their submission. The student will have no further chance to submit files or receive any remarking, if this is the case. Make sure you have fully tested your application in your /xampp/htdocs directory before zipping and submitting. Your submission will be unzipped and placed into the marker’s /xampp/htdocs directory for marking, so keep this in mind.

VU Collaborate provides some features in supporting you to submit your assignment successfully. That is, VU Collaborate:

  • allows you at a couple of points during the submission process to verify what you are about to submit. You should therefore click on the link to the zip file and re-download it to check its contents that you are about to submit to be sure you know what will be received by the marker. You could even go one step further and re-test the files in your /xampp/htdocs directory to be certain about what will be viewed by the marker.
  • automatically sends an email your account to confirm successful submission of the assignment. Non-receipt of this email indicates something has gone wrong in submitting the zip file.

If there is any exceptional case where a student’s assignment is unable to be marked, which should not occur, the assignment will be marked out 10 and the student will receive this mark out 10 as the final mark.

You will submit the zip file at the “Assignment 1 – Submit Files” form available at the Assignment 1 area of the Assessment Dropbox. This form is shown to you when you click on “Assignment 1” from the Assessment Dropbox area. The form page contains the terms and conditions of the assignment such as declaring that you have not plagiarised, have kept a copy of your work, etc. In uploading and submitting your zip file, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, which you are being bound by in submitting work for the assignment and receiving a mark for it.

The files are compressed into a zip file, called “Assignment 1”, where the name of the zip file is composed of the student ID. Note that you must compress all files into the

“Assignment 1” zip and submit this zip file. If you submit files separately (i.e., not in a zip file), then you may risk that VU Collaborate will change the code inside your files (for security reasons) and that, as a result, your files may not work. As should be clear by now, such files will lose marks.

Note that the time of submission at the site as recorded in the unit coordinator’s area of VU Collaborate will be used as the official time of submission.

If you submit an assignment more than once (which is unusual and rarely would students do), then the last one will be marked. If the last version is submitted during the lateness period, a lateness penalty will be applied to that last version so that it will attract a penalty according to how many days late it was submitted.

Assignments will not be accepted and marked 5 days after the submission deadline.

5% of the total assignment mark is deducted for each business day the assignment is submitted late.

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