Social Identity Reflection Paper
Assignment Overview:
All of us have multiple identities that are steeped in different cultures. Remember, culture is not bound to a particular place in the world. Each individual is the sum of different types of culture, thus multicultural. The purpose of this assignment is to help us think ourselves as multicultural individuals. Because this is a new class, I do not have a sample to show, however, you will find instructions below that will guide you.
Pick at least three identity elements from the table on page 2. In a well-written, thoughtful, and reflective paper (no more than 3 pages), discuss how your chosen identity elements both strengthen and complicate your leadership practice. In other words, how do these parts of your identity impact how you practice leadership and are perceived as a leader? This paper will be enhanced by discussing your particular experiences around your identity elements and giving detail and context. Be aware that this assignment, while simple, requires a lot of emotional and intellectual labor because you do not necessarily think of yourself in this way on a daily basis (maybe you might). You must also include concepts from readings and course content from Weeks 1 to 5 to help you frame your discussion and analysis. As such, a reference page and in-text citations in APA format are required. Check the Resources folder for APA information. If you have questions about the assignment, post them in the Q&A Forum in the D2L Discussion area.

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