MKT-476 Integrated Marketing Communications W7 – Evaluating an IMC Program Throughout this course you have been presented with examples from Apple and other companies and how they

MKT-476 Integrated Marketing Communications W7 – Evaluating an IMC Program Throughout this course you have been presented with examples from Apple and other companies and how they have exploited the total integration of their brand from product design to branding, packaging, service, advertising, and online as well as brick and mortar marketing to achieve brand awareness dominance. Readings as well as videos each week have explored Apple and other brands and their strategies. In this final assignment you will pull all of this together to select a company which you believe exemplifies integrated marketing and you will evaluate their integrated marketing campaign to answer the central question: How does that company use integrated marketing communications to own their consumers from product to service to support and how effective is it? Write a paper of 750 words in which you answer the following: Select any company except Apple for your analysis. Describe: • What product or service they provide • Their core target audience(s) • The range of marketing communication vehicles they use to reach their audience(s) • How they integrate their overall product, sales, service, communications program Identify at least three metrics which you would use to measure the overall IMC program and summarize your rationale for these specific metrics. Provide a brief evaluation of your company’s IMC program based on each of those metrics. (Refer to Chapter 15 for examples of overall IMC evaluation Metrics). Reflect on what has been discussed about Apple during the course and compare and contrast your company’s approach to that taken by Apple and why it is similar or different? Conclude with your opinion on whether or not Apple should be considered the “gold standard” for IMC and why you believe that. Include at least three scholarly sources. Evaluation Metrics objective 15.1 What are the three broad categories of evaluation tools used to evaluate IMC systems? Three primary metrics may be used to evaluate marketing communications (see Figure 15.1). Message evaluation techniques examine the message and the physical design of the advertisement, coupon, or direct marketing piece. Message evaluation procedures include the study of actors in advertisements as well as the individuals who speak in radio ads. A message evaluation program reviews the cognitive components associated with an ad, such as recall and recognition, as well as emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral intention responses. Online evaluation metrics examine online advertising and marketing campaigns. The internet provides a unique set of metrics and techniques that are not available for traditional media. In addition to click-troughs, marketers can track such metrics as dwell rate and dwell time. The internet provides highly accurate, real-time measures of consumer reactions. Respondent behavior evaluations address visible customer actions, including store visits, inquiries, or actual purchases. This category contains evaluation technique measures that feature numbers such as the amount of coupons redeemed, hits on a website, and changes in sales. The emphasis on providing compelling proof that advertising actually works has led to a greater emphasis on respondent behaviors. Higher sales, increases in store traffic, a greater number of daily hits on a website, and other numbers-based outcomes appeal to many managers. At the same time, message evaluations, online metrics, and behavioral responses help the marketing manager and advertising team build short-term results and achieve long-term success.

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