Answer the following questions, using APA-style.  Each answer should contain meaningful and intelligent responses gathered from your reading.  Using headings/subheadings. Each question should be answered with at least 275 words.  No choppy sentences or paragraphs. Remember to use APA formatting when citing any material.  The word count does not include the reference material.  Use uploaded material as your primary source, at least 2 additional sources can be used.

Chapter 11:  Critical Thinking Questions (page 327) 

      1.  Distinguish task conflict from relationship conflict, and explain how to maintain some degree of task conflict while minimizing relationship conflict.

      6.    Describe the inquisitional approach to resolve disputes between employees or work units. Discuss its appropriateness in organizational settings, including the suitability of its use with a multigenerational workforce.

      9.    Laura is about to renegotiate her job role with her new manager. She has heard on the grapevine that he is a tough negotiator, highly competitive, and unwilling to take others needs into consideration. She has also heard that even if he gives concessions in the negotiation, he often fails to keep his word. If you were Laura, how would you prepare for this negotiation?

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