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Assignment Brief Module code and title: LC567 Ethical Issues in Health and Social Course leader: Jade Ladha Module leader: Jenson Thomas Assignment no. and type: CW1 Essay Assessment weighting: 100% Submission date: 24/06/2021 before 2 pm Target feedback date: 4 Weeks
Assignment task cwi Coursework: Written Assignment: Essay: A critical evaluation of a contemporary issue in health and social science (2,500 words) • Examine an ethical and moral dilemma in relation to a significant ethically related issue occurring in a health and social care environment or other similar work-based environment • Explore ethical theories, analysing a key moral issue relating to health or the social sciences. The ethical principles explored may additionally involve considering professional rules such as confidentiality and consent • A reflective style may be used if desired demonstrating insight into own morals and values with a focus on how these might influence future professional practice. Confidentiality in personal reflection must be evident

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