Language and Thought





Based upon “Language and Thought” by Susanne K. Langer: Langer’s opening statement in her piece is “A symbol is not the same thing as a sign.” In a focused 4 to 5 page MLA format essay that argues a specific point about signs and symbols and their differences, importance, and value, discuss Langer’s article and its main points, along with another author’s view on signs and symbols. As part of your discussion, you should comment upon and provide examples of signs and symbols to which you respond on a daily basis, perhaps in the real world as well as the signs and symbols of the internet. Make sure to discuss how symbolic messages can come from clothing, jewelry, accessories, bumper stickers, computer stickers, dorm room decorations, and so forth—messages of socioeconomic status, awareness, worldliness, political statements, etc.
This essay needs to do three things, without simply being three separate sections cut and pasted together in one document. In a unified, flowing piece of writing, you need to ARGUE a specific point about your chosen topic while you:
1.Analyze the article(s) appropriate to the topic, perhaps supporting the article’s views, perhaps refuting them, perhaps pointing out strengths and weaknesses in it
2.Analyze another article that you find on the same topic, perhaps (but not necessarily) with an alternate point of view on the topic, and again perhaps supporting, perhaps arguing against its points, depending upon your approach
3.Discuss the topic of that analysis in real world/real life terms, based on your experiences, your observations, your interviews, etc.






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