knowledge by analysing the information

The aim of this assessment is to enable students to:

Demonstrate knowledge by analysing the information provided in the case study. 2. Apply the clinical information provided in the case study and describe this clinical information within a patho-physological and patient focused framework. 3. Discuss nursing strategies and evidence based rationales to manage a patient with an acute episode of asthma. 4. Discuss the pharmacological interventions related to the management of a patient with an acute episode of a patient episode of asthma.
Details You are to answer all questions related to the case study provided. Your answers must be directly related to the clinical manifestations that your patient presents with. You must submit your work with a minimum of six refer-ences from the past 5 years including journal articles, textbook material or other appropriate evidence based resources.
Case study Peter is a 10 year old male, weight 45Kg. He presented to ED with worsening respiratory symptoms over the past few hours. His parents state he is unable to talk in full sentences or undertake a peak flow. In ED Peter has been given 3 x 20 minutely nebulised Salbutamol with 6LPM of 02, IVF commenced, Stat dose of Prednisone administered, Chest X-ray shows hyperinflation of both lung fields. He was admitted to ICU due to his deteriorating respiratory function with a diagnosis of acute exacerbation of asthma.
EXCERPT OF RELEVANT ICU NOTES Past History Diagnosed with asthma age 3 (infrequent intermittent asthma). Current medications: – Ventolin PRN. IUTD (immunisations up to date). Nursing Assessi,ent A. Clear, speaking in single words B.RR 43bpm, SpO2 87% RA, 92% on 6LPM 02 + nebuliser, auscultation decreased AE bibasally, inspiratory and expiratory wheeze C. HR 162bpm, ST, peripherally warm D. GCS 14/15 (E4, V4, M6) E. Accessory muscle use, shoulder shrugging on inspiration, tracheal tug F. IVF NaCI 54 ml/hr

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