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ITSU1001 – Introduction to Computer Systems Assignment (20% of total unit assessments) Case study: Propose a suitable computer system for an organization of your choice. You may propose a mainframe, supercomputer, cluster, client-server or any other system depending on the requirements and budget limitations of the organization. The proposed system should be complex enough and approved by lecturer at the proposal stage. In the final report and class presentation you have to explain the reasons for your choice and hardware, software, and networking specifications with an approximate cost analysis. Examples: 1. A mainframe based system for a bank 2. Three-tier client server system for a small business 3. Supercomputer system for a space research organization 4. Beowulf cluster for a university research group Project proposal template | ITSU1001 TITLE: A real time computer system for a passenger plane Group members: Name Student number Email Role John Alice Bob Requirements of the organization: (About 300 words) High reliability Fast and real time operation System backups Emergency plans Robustness Cost is not priority (Briefly describe each requirement) Type of the computer system proposed A real time single purpose computer system to control the aircraft. Consists of subsystems for controlling mechanical system and aerodynamics, autopilot, communication, and entertainment system. (Describe with at least 300 words)

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