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Title Content Weighting_ 20 Marks Introduction/Background to the Project Research Rationale with justification(s) Project Aim and Objectives A clear and concise introduction to the research top, and its relevance to the organisational and/or theoretical context. A balanced and logical rationale for proposing the research informed by literature as well as organisational information needs. A clear aim and SMART objectives for how the aim will be achieved. Literature Review A robust and well-inforrned review of up-to-date literary sources that underpin the theoretical foundations of the topic. A clear theoretical and conceptual framework that is supported by literature and can realistically be employed using taught methods. 40 Marks Intended Methodology Resources Required and Action Plan A systematic and structured methodology addressing choices of research philosophy, research strategy, sources of data, data collection and analysis techniques and ethical considerations in undertaking the proposed study. A brief estimate of Anne, information sources, data processing requirements and cost, travel costs, and any other costs/needs required; and an action plan showing the chronological pathway spanning ij,e period of the proposed project with milestones identified-lc serve as targets or checkpoints 30 Marks References, Presentation & Structuring Your proposal should be written in clear academic English language with sources cited using Harvard referencing style and it should follow the structure described in this table. 10 Marks Appendix Can include proposed research data gathering tools such as survey questionnaire, interview agenda etc.
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