Interview Project Final Research Paper

Interview Project Final Research Paper

The interview that you completed in Week 3 provides the background information for your final project.To support your work, you will also include a literature review. You will need at least three scholarly journal articles. When researching information for your literature review you also will need to incorporate one or more of the following factors.

  • Similarities and differences in development according to gender, ethnicity, and socially derived groups.
  • Age-appropriate milestones and anomalies.
  • Impact of interpersonal factors (e.g., social roles and relationships) during early and middle adulthood.
  • The nature of stress, coping, and resistance in the context of varied environments.
  • The importance of identity in the context of work.
  • The nature of adult identity and the importance of reflection (that is, meaning of life) during adulthood.

Sections of the final project will include the following.

Title pageAbstract (summary of the research paper)

The introduction section should include:

  • An introduction to adult development based on your course and text readings
  • The purpose of the paper

The literature review section should include:

  • A review and analysis of the scholarly journal articles

The methods section should include:

  • The proposed participants and age group (leave out any personal information)
  • The questions used
  • Setting (1:1 interview)

The Results section of your project should include:

  • General information, such as the setting (time and place) of the interviews
  • Answers to the demographic and interview questions
  • Applicable quotes from the interviewees that highlight your analysis
  • Do not include any information that identifies any interviewee’s name, address, and relationship with you.

The Discussion section of your final project should include:

  • An analysis of the normative and non-normative life events of each of the individuals interviewed
  • Comparing and contrasting between each interview,
  • Examining central themes in the normative and non-normative life events
  • Concluding remarks regarding the interviews
  • Reference page

Submission Details:

1. Cite all sources in APA format.

2. Attach a Report.

3. Support reasoning with research and examples.

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