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International Financial Management

International Financial Management

Please submit ONE word file covering the WHOLE assessment, answer BOTH parts

Part A. Prepare a summary of the following article: Barry Eichengreen and Ngaire Woods, The IMF’s Unmet Challenges, Journal of Economic Perspectives—Volume 30, Number 1—Winter 2015—Pages 29–52

Please read the following 7 items:

  1. You must include the title of your submission which must be “A summary of: “The IMF’s Unmet Challenges” by Barry Eichengreen and Ngaire Woods, Journal of Economic Perspectives—Volume 30, Number 1—Winter 2015—Pages 29–52”.
  2. You are allowed an extra 26 words to cover the title.
  3. This article is available as a pdf.
  4. Your submission should be a summary of the contents of the paper.
  5. You are not required to read or quote from any of the cited articles in the paper. References are not required.
  6. You are not required to have specialist knowledge beyond that delivered in the module.
  7. 7. You are writing a summary of the paper – do not write an essay based on the title of the paper. (1,000 words; 33 marks)

Part B.      i) Explain why PPP and IFE in theory makes derivatives unnecessary.

  1. ii) Evaluate the differing ways in which derivatives can protect against the failings of IFE and PPP. (total 2,000 words; 70%)

Please read the following 5 items:

  1. Parts b(i) and b(ii) carry equal marks but the word count is for the whole of part b.
  2. Clearly indicate which part you are answering by quoting the EXACT titles “b(i) Explain…unnecessary” and “b(ii) Evaluate …PPP”. Do not invent similar titles
  3. (The lecture slides should be used as the basis of your answer.)
  4. Words that are not your own must be in inverted commas and clearly referenced directly after the inverted commas giving author name, year of publication and page number of the publication. Further details should be given at the end of your submission under the title “References”.
  5. Referencing is not encouraged, your understanding of the course material and your ability to present a well explained argument in your own words based on the course material is the most important consideration in assessing your submission.
  6. You are allowed 200 words over the 2,000 to cover for all items considered as extra to the content of your answer. (2,000 words; 70%)

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