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Remember this is an examination and like any other exam, you need to revise, research, rehearse, and come prepared to demonstrate you understand and know what you are talking about; hence avoid reading directly from your script. Please don’t ignore your team members in favour of reading, eyes down, during your whole presentation instead, present like a TV news presenter; look down at your notes only to prompt you.
Before your individual presentation, remember to state, clearly and accurately the reference details the company you have selected e.g when it is founded, where the head office is located, its vision, mission, and key objectives, industry/ industries it operates in etc. Key this introduction short. Do also remember to cite other sources showing that you have done background reading that is connected in topic with your chosen company. You could show these citations on a slide throughout your presentation and discussion, to save time.
During your individual presentations, please ensure you and all your group members have your names, clearly and

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