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and invite the next presenter. This process will continue until all students in the group have presented/ discussed their chosen company.

Select one person to submit your recorded video on the module canvas under the following assignment (7BSP0355 0206 Coursework 2 Summative task ( Assessed Group Discussion) using this template. 7BSP0355 0206 Group discussion submission template 2021 (Judy Willetts)-1.docxD
12 Submit your Case Analysis Companion here (this is assessed for completion, and evidence of your preparation for this coursework). It is particularly helpful in assessing your engagement with research.
7BSP 0355 0206 Case Analysis Companion-Coursework 2 (Formative)-1-1-1-2.docx
Refer to the assessment criteria so you understand how you will be assessed. Please enter your details in this form and submit under this assignment HBS Grading Criteria for Individually marked Online Topic-focussed team discussion Jan 2021 (1).doc
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