Instructions Assignment 1: LASA II—Analyzing Wing Tek Lau’s Case The struggle between generations involving the parents’ desire to maintain strong cultural ties, beliefs, and traditions, and the next generation’s desire to be independent of

Instructions Assignment 1: LASA II—Analyzing Wing Tek Lau’s Case The struggle between generations involving the parents’ desire to maintain strong cultural ties, beliefs, and traditions, and the next generation’s desire to be independent of the past has a long history. American schools have also had a long history of supporting and perpetuating the dominant culture of the American society. This struggle becomes a multifaceted issue for educators when the schoolhouse becomes the source of conflict between parents and children. In this assignment, you will review a case study that demonstrates this issue, write a case brief, and develop a presentation analyzing the situation. Review Wing Tek Lau’s case. Procedure for Analyzing Case Studies Read the case quickly to get an overview of the situation. Consider whether your task will be to create an action to solve a situation or whether you are to critique an administrative action that has already happened. This first reading should be followed by a more careful reading that involves good text and marginal note taking. Make a list of missing facts that could influence the decision-making process, if they were available. Identify the stakeholders and/or actors in the situation. Describe and analyze the perspectives and positions of each. Comment on what the position of each is as well as why each person might hold the particular position. Identify the primary problem and secondary problems as well as all evidence tosupport your answer. State the primary problem in one concise sentence. Many times, the primary (or real) problem is hidden by the immediate (or presenting) problem(s). Next, identify the secondary problems, if any, as well as the evidence to support this. Briefly present what you do know and identify what you do not know. Develop a list of specific action solutions beginning with the primary problem and then considering the secondary problems. In making this action list, future leaders should consider what should have been in place to have prevented the issue; what can now be put into place for a long-term solution; the values of the community and stakeholders; those who will support the possible actions before, during, and after the administrative action; and the long- and short-term effects upon the educational institution. The future teacher leader should also consider his or her values, educational philosophy, and belief system. Evaluate the proposed or possible action solutions and select the best one(s). Several factors should be considered in evaluating each solution. First, determine whether the solution is consistent with constitutional, federal, or state laws and policy as well as relevant professional research. Second, consider whether the solution fits the character and values of the community and educational organization. Third, consider the cost of each solution in terms of resources. In general, solutions should be timely, have high success prediction, and have the ability to be supported by a large number of members of the internal education community as well as external stakeholders. Develop an action plan with a statement of the predicted or desired outcomes. Consider a timeline, list of activities and actions, responsible parties, means of communication, and monitoring and evaluation plans. The action plan should be detailed and specific. For example, stating that two teachers will share information in the future is not an action. Instead, the plan should state that the two teachers will meet weekly on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. to plan when each will be in possession of the curriculum resources during the following week. The plan must state the optimal and desired outcomes of each action and of the actions taken as a whole. Having analyzed the case, write a 5–7-page case brief in MS Word. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Writing a Case Brief A case brief should be concise and include the following: A one-paragraph summary of the situation A brief paragraph about the information that is unknown Perspective or position analysis by the actor or character in the situation Statement of primary problem and supporting evidence Statement of secondary problem(s), if they exist, and supporting evidence A discussion, evaluation, and analysis of the viable and nonviable solutions A justification of the best solution(s) A description of the action plan with timelines and predicted or desired outcomes Develop an 8–10-slide presentation in MS PowerPoint. Be sure to integrate relevant research throughout this case brief and include the following in your presentation: A title slide A reference slide Headings Speaker notes to support the content on each slide Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming conventions: LastnameFirstInitial_M7_A1.doc and LastnameFirstInitial_M7_A1.ppt. By the due date assigned, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area. Writing MechanicsSpellingGrammar and flowAPA style and format8 Grading Criteria Detailed Rubric Maximum Points Summarized case. 16 Connected unknown Information. 16 Presented an analysis of the perspective of each character. 20 Provided statement of primary problem and included supporting evidence. 16 Provided statement of secondary problem(s), if they exist, and included supporting evidence. 16 Evaluated and analyzed the viable and nonviable solutions. 24 Justified the best solution(s). 24 Provided action plan with timelines and predicted/desired outcomes. 24 Presentation Structure Quality 8 Writing Mechanics Spelling Grammar and flow APA style and format 8 References Quality of information 8 Total: 180

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