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Indigenous Cultural Genocide in Canada

Indigenous Cultural Genocide in Canada

Word count: 2500 words

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Case: Indigenous Cultural Genocide in Canada.

Write a Case study of a key human rights case that engages with a critical criminal justice issue. The independently researched case study must involve a human rights intervention and critically analyse the human rights principles of the movement or intervention, relying on key principles discussed in the module. Case study analysis needs to demonstrate critical understanding of the interface between academic literature, key debates in human rights, criminology theory and justice practice. Analyse of the case outcome and implications must also be demonstrated.

Essay Structure:

1.  Introduction
2.  Summary of case study topic
3.  Human rights violations
4.  Approach to justice (this is a key part of the case study)
     i) How justice was implemented 
     ii) Strengths and limitations (critiques) of the approach and outcomes
     iii) Theoretical ideas
5.  Conclusions and recommendations
6.  References

Reference style: Harvard reference style 

The post Indigenous Cultural Genocide in Canada first appeared on Krita Infomatics.

The post Indigenous Cultural Genocide in Canada appeared first on Krita Infomatics.

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