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In the Workbook referenced above, which is in Moodle, you were asked to evaluate the organizational: Project Management Assignment, MTU, Ireland

Part 1. In the Workbook referenced above, which is in Moodle, you were asked to evaluate the organizational structure using the grid in Table 2 on page 11. (See also Slide 30).

a) Present a completed grid (only one column) with brief descriptive text, for the organization structure of a current or recent project.

b) Comment on the suitability and effectiveness of the project structure approach outlined in a) for the project. In your assessment, you should take into account the nature of the project including, the project objective and outcomes, the resourcing arrangements and skills required, the organisational ‘spread’ (both internal and external if appropriate), the role of the project manager and project support arrangements. What are the implications for the organisation in terms of the way this project is structured and managed? (750 words)

c) Outline your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different organizational structures in managing projects. What recommendations would you make to improve the approach to project management in your organisation? (750 words)

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Assignment 3:

Part 2. The Competing Values Framework (Slide 55) is one model that can be used for analysing an organisation culture.

a) Identify and describe the predominant culture of your organisation by defining the position of the organisation on the internal/external focus axis and the stability/flexibility axis. Explain the reasons for your conclusions. (500 words)

b) Describe in your own words and give examples of the values, leadership type, effectiveness criteria, management type and measures of success in your organisation. (500 words)

c) Based on your assessment, comment on the implications for organisational change from your perspective, as a project manager. (250 words) Finally, do not forget to include your reflection. This should not relate to the assignment.

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