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Stage 2. 60%

Due: 10 June 21 23:59

In stage 1 you gained a good understanding of the context of the organization and you also drafted a design for a high level I &T governance system. In Stage 2 you will focus on implementation of the system.
Produce a PowerPoint presentation that Sutherland can use at the board meeting (45%)
To structure the presentation, follow the implementation roadmap provided in COBIT 2019
What are the drivers? (10 marks)
Where are we now? (10 marks)
Where do we want to be (include a balanced score card following the template as this will help to integrate the work from stage 1 (10 marks)
What needs to be done (10 marks)

You don’t need to have one slide for each of these topics. You are free to structure your presentation slides in whatever manner you feel is appropriate. Note there is no template provided for stage 2

In the presentation, also include: a slide of what the focus area/s (as defined in COBIT 2019) should be. Justify your advice on the basis of your reading of the case study and also on your examination of the company website as well areas (as defined in COBIT 2019). 2.5 marks Include the diagram of the implementation roadmap and the design workflow to explain how the roadmap and workflow relate to each other 2.5 marks Supplement the slides with script that will help Sutherland to provide more detail (and justification when appropriate) about the points made on the slides – marks for this are included in the marks for each area of content

Also provide Sutherland with a set of recommendations about how change will need to be implemented. For undergraduate students 15% and 500 words
For master’s students 15% and 1000 words and the inclusion of at least three references to evidence wider reading.

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