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or this assignment, students are required to work in a team (limited to four-5 members). Each team is required to: a). identify and interview an IT businessperson or manager, b). submit a written report, and c). deliver an oral presentation to the class.  
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D 3 itech 3203-7203 presentation 2016-17 Page 2 of 5  
Each team should select someone who has a full-time role as an IT manager, running a business or leading an organisation. Your team may choose any IT organisation or IT department of an organisation. Each team should confirm the appropriateness of the interviewee with the course lecturer before finalising arrangements.   
a). Interview Question Topics
Each team member must select ONE (1) unique topic and develop one–2 questions to ask at the interview. Overall, the team should select a minimum of TWO (2) topics per list.  
List A – Social Impact of Technology List B – Business and Professional Practice ï‚· governance of email spam ï‚· issues associated with email spam ï‚· social responsibility of IT professionals ï‚· issues of privacy and/or cyber security ï‚· social networking policy ï‚· intellectual property and approach to copyright ï‚· policy surrounding use of emerging technology ï‚· graduate applicant skills and knowledge ï‚· conducting job interviews structure, approach and resumes ï‚· project management approach ï‚· people and team management ï‚· negotiation and conflict management ï‚· skill maintenance and training  
Try to conduct the interview in the workplace of your interviewee at a mutually convenient time. The interview should last around 30 minutes, ensure your make an audio recording (in mp3 format) of the interview (and/or a transcript), and take a photograph of your team with the interviewee. ALL team members are required to attend the interview. It may also be thoughtful to provide your interviewee with your team’s questions prior to the interview.   
b). Written Report
For assistance in report writing techniques, see:  
A suggested report structure is as follows.  
Title page Executive summary Table of contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 IT Expert 2.1 Social Impact of Technology * 2.2 Business and Professional Practice * 3.0 Conclusion 4.0 References 5.0 Appendices  
* denotes individual student contributions, all other sections are to be completed by the tea

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