Identify a problem/issue in the Asian American Community

The purpose of this final project is to apply what we have learned about “Asian American Activism” in our class discussions and each student will research a prevelant issue that the Asian American community is currently facing and how the Asian American community is addressing the prevalent issue.
Part 1: What is the issue?
Identify a problem/issue in the Asian American Community
Research the problem/issue and how community leaders and organizations are addressing the issue– Students will gather data from studies and databases.
Part 2: What are we going to do?
Identify and Research an Asian American Public Official, Constituents and/or a Community Organization that addresses the issue
Develop a collective plan of action to address the problem.
You will apply the findings from your research on the topic chosen for the Community Project by creating:
Community Report (7 pages, Double Space, Times Roman, 12 Font)
History/ Background of the Asian American Issue [ 2-3 pages ]
Discuss what Asian American leaders, public officials and/or community organizations are doing to address the issue. [ 2-3 pages ]
Suggest a Plan of Action that the class can take to support the Asian American Issue [ 2-3 pages]
Works Cited/ Bibliography (4-6 sources) [ 1-2 pages ]

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