How is the text useful for units governed by the Australian Curriculum?Discuss



It is important to watch the videos before starting to write this paper:

The English unit plan assessment task will develop your unit planning skills for teaching English curriculum. It requires you to develop a foundational text list and propose a unit plan that:

• rigorously employs diverse texts in the teaching of writing;

• demonstrates elements of the Four Resources Model for writing;

• meets the needs of a given class at any year level from Year Foundation to Year 6

Part 1: The annotated text list

1. Develop an annotated foundational text list to accompany your unit plan. You must include 10 texts. Two of these texts must be multimodal texts.

2. Each text should have a description and explanation as to why you have selected the text as relevant to your unit.

• How is the text useful for units governed by the Australian Curriculum?

• In what ways will it help diversify students’ exposure to the English language?

• In what ways will it be used to teach sentence level writing?

• Brief description of one activity it would support.

Part 2: The unit proposal

• Use the unit overview template provided.

• Use the template to plan an English curriculum unit which culminates in the students producing a written text (e.g. a report, a newspaper article, a narrative). You must include:

a. the teaching of text structures

b. language features

c. formative tasks

d. summative tasks.

• Use technical vocabulary that demonstrates you are familiar with the writing cycle model and Australian curriculum grammatical terms.

• Demonstration your planning is informed by the Four Resources Model, Cross Curricular Priorities and General Capabilities.

• Includes all three strands of the English Curriculum

• Proposes places of reflection while on Professional Experience in preparation for Assessment 2

In this task you are being asked to decenter canonical English in the teaching of writing, not just in the texts you choose but also in the way you teach word, phrase and sentence level writing.

You can decenter canonical English by developing a text list for children with multiple needs and backgrounds or you can concentrate on a specific group that is disadvantaged by writing instruction concentration on producing canonical English texts. The Cross Curriculua Priorities and Inclusive Education curriculum requirements can guide your choice.

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