How do food choices affect society? How do food policies affect us? Explain

How do food choices affect society? How do food policies affect us?

For this activity you will write a short, two-source annotated bibliography.

First, use the search databases found at the Ivy Tech Library websiteLinks to an external site. to find two sources that you will use in your final research paper.

These two sources should offer new data, information, perspectives, arguments, and/or insights that are not already found in your class’s closed research theme readings and background readings and that you think will help you compose fresh arguments in response to the closed research theme question
Second, write your mini annotated bibliography.

For each source, write an MLA style or APA style source citation (your choice).

After each source citation, write an evaluative annotation of the source. Each annotation should provide a concise description and summary of the source AND evaluate the source’s usefulness or relevance to the closed research theme question, its credibility, and its balance or bias. (See The Little Seagull Handbook, chapter W-14 a guide for writing an evaluative annotation.) Each annotation should be about 150-200 words no more.

Your mini-annotated bibliography needs to be formatted and documented in MLA or APA style. This includes headers; title page (for APA style) or name, course, instructor, and date block and title (for MLA style); double-spacing of ALL text; and hanging indents for source citations. Also be sure to alphabetize your source citations.

Save your mini annotated bibliography in Microsoft Word. Then, in this assignment page, submit your file.

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