HLT7043 Crisis and Risk Management

Location for return of work
Feedback on your work will be available via
the ‘Assessment and Feedback tile on the
HLT7043 Crisis and Risk Management
Moodle page 20 working days after the
deadline for submission.
Thursday 10 June 2021
See page 12
The Requirements for
Details for reassessment
Assessment criteria
Grade descriptors
Required assessment cover
See page 14
See page
See pages 21-26
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Assignment 2 (50%) “CONTINGENCY PLANNING”
Submission Date: Thursday 13th May 2021 5pm
Online Submission via Moodle
2,000 words
Question: “Produce a 2,000-word report about contingency planning for
Cardiff Food and Drink Festival 2021. Focus on contingency measures that
should be implemented upon receipt of a serious suicide bomb terrorist
threat outside the Pierhead Building. Assume that the threat will be
received by South Wales Police at 2pm on the Saturday afternoon (peak
Your report should include the following:

An overview of responsibilities of public, private and third sector
organisations in co-ordinating an evacuation An overview of actions South Wales Police would need to take once the
alert has been received A summary of key messages that would be issued by South Wales Police
at different points throughout the day An overview and critical analysis of communication channels that could
be used in the Cardiff area during and after the crisis event An overview and critical review of transportation routes used for
evacuation from Cardiff Bay A conclusion which makes recommendations to improve the existing
communication and transport systems, in order to improve future anti-
terrorism contingency planning Use at least 10 academic references and any other credible sources.
Assessment Criteria
The following learning outcomes are assessed in this assignment:
An ability to critically evaluate practical perspectives of risk and crisis
An understanding of the emergence of risk and its implications for the
tourism, hospitality and events industries
An understanding of the importance of public relations and the media in
crisis management and recovery
An ability to accurately and appropriately reference academic sources
i.e. textbooks, journals and appropriate websites.

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