History of Economic Thought by E.K. Hunt

People you should be familiar with: David Ricardo, Karl Marx

Answering three questions below. (Each answer should be no longer than two paragraphs or 1 page. Text should be double spaced) Please do not use ‘correct’ references. The essay should be in your own words.

  1. Outline the assumptions behind the classical economists’ labor theory of value. (By assumption I mean the presumed shape of the long-run supply curve, market structure, and the homogeneity of
    labor.) To what extent do you think the labor theory of value could still be used today to explain long-run relative prices.
  2. How would you characterize the political views of David Ricardo on the role of government in managing the economy? Given these views, why did Ricardo’s theory of value and distribution lead to the rise of Radical Ricardianism? (EK Hunt is a good source here.)
  3. Explain Marx’s theory of exploitation and evaluate its usefulness as contemporary political-economic theory. Does the theory persuade you? Why or why not?

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