HI9999 Practice Online Assessment

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HI9999 Practice Online Assessment

Time Allowed:

1 hour


This is a practice assessment only. Please attempt all questions


PART A – Multiple Choice

There is only one correct answer for each question. 1 mark is awarded for each correct question. Please enter your answers in table below. Answers you enter in the table will appear in RED. Marks will not be awarded for answers written elsewhere.


  1. There are four Holmes Institute campuses in Australia. Where are they located?
  1. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide
  2. Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne
  3. Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth
  1. What is this current year:
  1. 2019
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  1. Who is the current President of the USA?
  1. Joe Biden
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Donald Trump
  1. Which mobile device had the most sales in Australia during 2019:
  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Nokia

Part B – Short Answer Questions

Answer the following two (2) questions. You are required to type your answers in the assigned boxes below:

Question 1

Brieflydescribe the country in which you were born

Please Note: Boxes will enlarge as you enter your answers.


Question 2

What is your favourite breakfast. Please explain why.


Part C – Calculation Questions

Answer the following question. You are required to type your responses in the answer boxes below.

DatePurchase price/UnitUnits purchasedUnits SoldSelling price/unitUnits on Hand
June 1$116 000

6 000
June 10$123 600

9 600
June 12

1 200$158 400
June 17$142 400

10 800
June 23

7 200$153 600
June 27$136 000

9 600
June 29

2 800$176 800
June 30$15800

7 600
  1. Using the above table, calculate total units purchased.


  1. Using the above table, calculate total units on hand, less total units sold



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