HFS371: In Support of Your Company’s Business Expansion Plan, Your Selected Site is Required to Carry Out Renovation: Risk Assessment and Management Assignment, SUSS

Question 1

This end-of-course project aims to gauge your ability to

  1. illustrate concepts of risk and risk management;
  2. analyse risk perception and how this affects risk management;
  3. examine the purpose and aims of risk control;
  4. carry out a risk assessment using the appropriate tools and techniques for a hazardous work process;
  5. propose and design appropriate risk treatment measures to eliminate or minimise the associated risk, and
  6. apply risk management methods and principles in the selected industry sector.

In support of your company’s business expansion plan, your selected site is required to carry out renovation works involving a change of use approval, addition, and alteration works (A&A Works) to existing site facilities. As the site operations manager, you are the chairman of the site’s overall Risk Management Team.

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You are to assist the operations director, at the corporate level, to oversee operational risks relating to the site’s routine operations as well as the additional renovation risks, showing an understanding of the overarching risk management approach by doing the following:

  • Outline the structures of the company’s executive organisation chart, corporate-level management risk committee, site-level risk management team, and shop floor-level risk assessment teams within the company’s overall risk management framework.
  • Select a work process that involves elevated height at your workplace.
  • Select and form the risk assessment team appropriate for the selected work process.
  • Search and review related past incident history within the company and industry sector. Supplement your findings with literature reviews, historical case studies, and/or incident investigation reports.
  • Carry out a qualitative risk assessment of the selected work process by applying the Job Hazard Analysis tool and 5×5 Risk Analysis techniques to identify and analyse the associated hazard-risks. Evaluate the associated hazard-risk with respect to the current risk management benchmark. Tabulate the risk assessment (RA-Tables). [Note that a comprehensive risk assessment table has to be included in the Annex (see below) and will constitute 30 marks of this assignment.]
  • Identify the various hazard-scenarios from the RA-Tables and select one of the hazard-scenario as a top-event. Analyse the top-event using the Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and discuss/illustrate how the fault tree was constructed. Explain TWO (2) types of preventive barriers or control measures that can be identified from the FTA.
  • Search and review current good practices and safety/control technologies relevant to your selected work process. Supplement your findings with literature reviews, seminar or communities of practice sharing, and/or emerging technology;
  • Examine the impact of the associated hazard/risk and appropriate risk treatment. In your discussion, state the advantages, disadvantages and explain why and how the associated risk can be managed. Propose the appropriate risk treatment. In your recommendation, state the advantages, disadvantages and explain why your recommendation is most appropriate.


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