Health Promotion issues/Health literacy in under served regions in Sudan: Africa, assignment help

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Doctor Ralph,

This portion of the assignment on Health Promotion Intervention plan is detailed below. In the first weeks of this course issue of health promotion identified was Health Literacy in undeveloped countries with emphasis on the Republic of Sudan in Africa. I volunteer as a missionary nurse in that region for several occasions. This is my teacher comments on second  assignment “Gainesville-Your paper needed to be written in more of a narrative style to include references to support your statements on why this is an important project. I will accept the outline form for this week, but you did have a couple elements missing (references and why this project is important and relative to your future role as an APRN)”. I failed to analyze the importance of Health Literacy in Africa and also did not describe my role as an APN applying nursing theory to support interventions plan due in this next assignment.

Example of health promotion issues in Sudan:  Malaria Advocacy, malnutrition, communicable diseases, high fertility rates, poor water and sanitation, and low levels of immunization. These issues are related to poverty, low levels of education, poor leadership and corruptions.

Assignment 4: Course Project: Health Promotion Intervention Plan

Week 4 Project Task: Intervention Plan

In the first weeks of this course, you have identified a health promotion issue and identified a potential intervention. You have also completed a comprehensive review of the literature and now will integrate that information to create an intervention designed to address the health promotion issue. As you create the intervention, try to keep your focus on an intervention that you will be able to evaluate, which is the next and final step in the project. Be sure to include all feedback from your instructor in each step of the project.

State your strategies for addressing the key focus in your community in a three-pages Word document.

Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Summarize the intervention plan, incorporating any comments from the facilitator.45
Discuss the potential formative and summative approaches to the evaluation.45
Provide the details of the evaluation plan, including tools, process, and any data analysis.50
Followed APA guidelines10

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