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Source: Manly, Bryan F.J. Multivariate Statistical Methods: A Primer, Third Edition, CRC Press,
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Tutorial – Week 4 (HT)
Question 1:
When you have several dependent variables and several samples/groups the four statistics
that may be used to identify differences between group means are Pillai’s trace, Wilk’s
Lambda, Roy’s largest root, and Lawes-Hotelling trace. Briefly, describe and compare.
Question 2:
How important are the assumption of MVN and equal covariances to Hotelling’s T2 and the
four statistics commonly used in MANOVA analysis?
Question 3:
When testing for normality is it possible to have non-significant univariate results and
significant multivariate results? Why?
Question 4:
How does multiple testing affect Type I error rates? Explain how the Bonferroni correction
for multiple testing works.
Question 5:
Complete the exercise at the end of Chapter 4 of Manly. The data file ‘mandiblefull.dat’ is
available on the Study Desk. Some R code to get you started is provided in ‘mandible
The variable names and codes are as follows:
X1 – length of mandible
X2 – breadth of mandible below 1st molar
X3 – breadth of articular condyle
X4 – height of mandible below 1st molar
X5 – length of 1st molar
X6 – breadth of 1st molar
X7 – length of 1st to 3rd molar inclusive (1st to 2nd for cuon)
X8 – length from 1st to 4th premolar inclusive
X9 – breadth of lower canine
Sex – Male (1), Female (2), Unknown (0)
Group – Thai (modern) dogs (1), golden jackals (2), cuons (3), Indian wolves (4),
Thai (prehistoric) dogs (5).

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