“I do not live in a place. I live in a time, in the components of my psyche, in a sensitivity special to me (91).” –  Mourid  Barghouti
In thinking on the meaning of this quote from Barghouti’s memoir, write a cogent and fluid post that addresses the following questions:

1. What are the implications of exile and displacement for Barghouti, and what does this mean in thinking on Palestine and issues of land, place, home, borders, and nation?

2. How does Barghouti’s memoir put forward a very non-violent and existential perspective?  Think about this as to how he portrays sentiments of ennui, loss of meaning, and longing.

3. How does Barghouti pressure the meaning of identity and belonging through the ideas and issues of citizenship, stranger, refugee, and resident?

Support your analysis with at least two direct references to the text.

The first assignment/forum is focused on the first 5 chapters, to the end of page 103.

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