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Choose a food-related documentary of your choice and analyse the claims and information in the film. Use information from the course textbook, additional course readings you found relevant, and articles from peer-reviewed journals that apply to topics discussed. Based upon research, write a 2–3-page summary of your findings. To critically evaluate the film, utilize the research you found, as well as consider it from your own informed opinion (which should be, to a large extent, based on evidence). For example, you might view a documentary that makes claims about genetically modified organisms, conventional versus organic farming, or going ‘local’ when buying food. Is there support for the claims made about these topics (scientific or otherwise)? First establish the premise of the film you chose. Assume that your audience has not seen the film.
1.      Describe the main “characters” and who or what they represent. Are there “protagonists” and “antagonists”?2. Describe the specific “problem(s)” addressed in the documentary, and why it is a problem.3. What is/are the reason(s) for the making of this film? 4. Identify the key conclusions of the film.
2.      To help you assess the film, think about the following questions/prompts:1. Are the claims made in the film based on scientific evidence? Do they reflect “consensus opinion” or scare/tactics sensationalism? Do they reflect a mixture of these?2. To discern whether or not the claims are based on scientific evidence, you will need to consult the research literature and authoritative organizations (such as government entities or major research groups).3. Describe whether or not the key conclusions of the film are arguments or recommendations that are supported by a balanced consideration of the evidence. Are they appropriate and are they possible for all people?4. Does the film provide a balanced consideration of the issue? Why or why not? 5. Are the conclusions appropriate and can anyone (high-income and low income, for example) actually do something about it?

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