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Financial Analysis Report Example with Solutions

Financial Analysis Report Assignment Answers to Questions

Assignment Detail

  •  Words: 4000

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This assignment gives you the opportunity to evaluate and critically analyse the

selected positions within the company’s annual report. These positions are of crucial importance for obtaining final performance and economic benefits. Select a company listed on the DAX.

You are required to access the company´s most recent three (3) years financial statements and write a formal business report that covers the assessments tasks set out below. The assignment grading will be in accordance with BSBI’s grading criteria where additional marks will be awarded for juxtaposition of your answers.

Learning Outcomes: 

LO1   Critically analyse rules and principles in the international accounting standards and financial regulations and core values in business that led to competitive advantage.

LO2   Synthesize and creatively apply complex knowledge in the sphere of business and financial analysis with a view to corporate evaluation.

LO3   Synthesize business and accounting data, and financial information to make and critically assess investment decisions.

LO4        Discuss the linkage between current theory and leading-edge practice and organise appropriate evidence and critical reasoning to produce a balanced conclusion in business and financial analysis.

Structure your assignment as follows:

  1. An Introduction section
  2. A Main Body section addressing the tasks listed below
  3. A Conclusion section
  4. List of References

Tasks (All tasks are equally weighted):

  1. Provide an executive summary on the company’s strategy, operations, and their main LO1
  2. Analyse the corporate governance structure of the selected That is, shareholder structure and social responsibility activities of the company. LO1
  3. Analyse the major macroeconomic indicators that can potentially influence the company’s business activities. LO2
  4. Perform an in-depth financial analysis of the selected company. Specifically, your analysis should focus on revenue growth, operating expenditures of the business, cashflow from operating activities, cashflow from investing activities, cashflow from financing activities and investments in subsidiaries. No calculations are required but an in depth and critical LO3
  5. Evaluate the company’s risks position, the focused should be on financial and business LO4


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