Films and Storytelling

You need to choose a film. One film only. The film must be got some famous awards in the world. E.g. Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globe, Oscar (Academy Award), Berlin Film Festival etc, which is the introduction part. (PowerPoint slide 5).

The lecturer seems more focusing on how the director shoots the film and leads the film to get the reward by profound sociopolitical or philosophical implications.

The lecturer said: Most important is you really understand what is the meaning of the film, if the paper’s content shows you misunderstand the film, marks will be deducted.

Avoid choosing a film from an original novel, because you may easily be focusing on the film story, and repeating the film story while writing the paper, which is wrong. If you want to write this type of film, you should focus on how the director expresses differently between the original novel and the film. The content part should have a deep analyse of the film and provide some personal review. And it includes such as which part is touching, which character is doing best in some shoots, which dialogue is special etc (you should see PowerPoint slide number 6, you need to choose 1 item from Large, medium and small).

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