Examine how cultural diversity impacts the health information management (HIM) workforce.

Chapter 3: Leadership Concepts in Health Information Management

Chapter 3 Learning Objectives:

Examine how cultural diversity impacts the health information management (HIM) workforce
Assess the impact of changing workforce demographics on the HIM profession

Identify the roles and responsibilities of team membership

Discuss the attributes of virtual teams

Explain common motivation theories

Identify methods that HIM managers can use to motivate employees

Explain how workplace morale contributes to the sustainability of the HIM department

Chapter 3 Critical Thinking/Concept Question(s)

Answer the following question(s) in two paragraphs. Utilize your textbook as well as reliable Internet resources.
Explain how work-life balance issues can be barriers to diversity.

Research and share some of the best practices for encouraging a culturally diverse workforce at a healthcare organization?

Which motivation theory do you think would be most difficult to implement in a healthcare organization? How could a manager overcome those difficulties?

Some people say that money is a motivator. Some people say that it is not. What do you think?

Does money motivate your performance? Reflect on what you feel motivates you to excel at work, school, or home. Support your view with one of the five motivational theories discussed in this chapter.

What aspects of the theory align most closely with your motivation tendencies

Reflect on the section in this chapter about teams. Explain one of your own experiences as a team member. The team may be formal or informal and could be related to work, school, or your personal life.

What was the purpose of your team?

Did you have established goals and objectives to guide your work?
Were there defined roles?

Did your team positively or negatively reflect the characteristics of forming, storming, norming, and performing?

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