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CoWence Magary Vera. Grablude
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Evidence Supporting eVIdeINA
Provide evidence (Harvard referencing style with in-text) to fa.. professional Issues, justice, autonomy, gralltude, no, rnalelloeme, beneficence etc.
Example: proOde 0.er exaMigee Or views
Is dher evidence to suggest similar opinions,Allso. evaluate theee pieceS Of evidenCe,
Do:Suwon° up Me Paragraph
Co a little summary tor this paragraph to cbse it appropriately.
Summary of main ideas Paraphrase your mission statement
1200 Words)
A final say ues ralsed before putting Alward an inifialive as solution. to synthesize thoughts and “°°’ °`°°” the subject
Summary of main ideas
Any recommendations to change or improve the ethical-moral dilemma.
Concluding remarks/recommend alions
Harvard Referenolng Style
Hat all male. you have used to produce this avIgnmeM uslng the Harvard referencing method.
Checklist: ,Formal language and a logical structure. (Academic writing is a particular style used in degree level assignments). ,Use evidence to support points and explanations (Use in-text citations throughout essay). ,Check the font is Ariel, 12 and 1.5 line spacing ,Check spelling and grammar and proofread work. Similarity below 20%. Ensure you paraphrase work into your own words to avoid a high plagiarism score on Turnitin. Note: You are allowed 10% below and above: Below minimum – 2250; Above Maximum – 2750
Guidance sheet Produced by Jane Bozier H&SS 2019-20

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