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Eventual mastery of organizational development and leadership theories is critical to
the success of graduate level students in Organizational Leadership and
Management. While this course is the first step towards mastery, demonstration of
the first level of core competencies in leadership and management is expected at the
conclusion of this course. Part of the fulfillment of this requirement will be met
through the development of a case study on leadership and management and
presentation of the results of your study and analysis to the course community.
Develop a 3-5 page paper and accompanying visual presentation (i.e. PowerPoint or Prezi) in
which you provide a brief profile of an organization with which you are familiar either
as an employee or as a stakeholder/participant.

The presentation should be comprised of a number of slides and artifacts and should take approximately 8-10 minutes to view and/or present.  Within the presentation, provide the audience with the key findings from the case study as well as the specific relevance to the course (i.e. the relationship of the case study and your findings to the theories of leadership and management as discussed and presented within the course.

Provide the reader with enough
substantial information about the organization (mission, operations, stakeholders,
leadership, etc.) in order to provide for the appropriate frame of reference. Identify
and discuss the pertinent leadership and management issues you have observed in
this organization, and compare and contrast your findings with the theories of
leadership you have engaged with in this course (i.e. reframing leadership, change
management, emotional intelligence). Discuss what you have learned about
leadership as applied to organizations through this case study, and provide
recommendations for both: a) future research in this area and b) recommendations
for this organization. You may choose to keep the name of the organization and any
stakeholders anonymous if you wish.

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