Taking a class in Ethics can’t make you moral. It doesn’t really solve ethical conflicts. In some ways it actually
makes decision making more difficult. Then why bother? Read the following to help you formulate an articulate
essay reviewing the content and objectives of the course, as well as its impact on your personal perspective
(has it clarified, challenged or altered your views? Explain. — (Note: “No” is a perfectly legitimate response –
just explain). In this section you should focus on what you have learned as a result of interacting with other
participants in the class, posting your thoughts in journals and responding to other postings
Some of the stated goals of the course included understanding the distinction and relationship between Ethics
(as a philosophic discipline) and Morality, knowledge of different ethical systems (and their advantages and
disadvantages in aiding ethical discernment), and the correlation of these systems to issues and principles in
health care today. How has the presentation of the material addressed in the course aided in your
understanding of these basic content areas?
Finally, the implicit (and immeasurable) goals of the course also included presenting the student a framework
for a broad perspective of important issues about life, it’s preservation and its maintenance. Further, this could
perhaps lead to formulating a personal code of ethics, and a toleration of others with conflicting values.
Address your development in this regard. Considering our current situation, is it really possible to foster
“Caring” in health care institutions this way?
Finish your essay with a reflection on the current situation regarding Health Care distribution. How is this issue
connected to our ‘critique’ of the “Nutshell” ethical theories and the rise of alternate theories such as Rawl’s
Egalitarianism and the Feminist / Care approach to ethics?

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