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Guidance Essay Plan Template Ethical Issues in Health and Social Sciences
Whet 1st… of your essay,
Witte a report.. xamlnes an ethIcal a. moral di.nrna ocean., in a health and social care environment or .er similar work-based environments. (2500 wordel
1.soluelban 10, of your word count
200 words
IrModuotien to.. essay ensures Mat Me reader. aware ofwhet your essay
Hook: the Inter.ting opening sentence
What does word ethical mean? What does Me word moral ntrircaralind=ro= i=nrallttder=n 17rrIg are MOM
• The,„112.e:rt of indhalduals with a Mental 1.1111 issue or • Assis. Dying • Abortion • Honour Based .lence Forced Marriage
Use Harvard reference to support the sta.kents you make On-text)
Talk more about the issue you ha. chosen from the given topics. Why is it important to talk about ethical and moral dilemma regarding Mis matter, Gn Mis have an impact on Me health 8. social care environment, If so glve (1. 21.Ines about . Impact with supporting Harvard references). You Mil he exploring this in MAW for the rest al the parts of Your essaY,
Mission Statement: the aim °Me easay
This part of . introgucton is the .p by step plan of what you are going to discuss. It identfies what are you going to be dWng and whm Me focus of your essay is,
For example: In M. essay, ../ princhges related to Me moral and ethical dilemma (chosen topic) In a health a. social rare environment .1 be exploredldiscossed This (ook) wig also be linked to hey Issues such as; confitlentfafily and consent (lf you gml more professional mlea Mat snualion you un menden lb
Paragraph 1
(475 525) mrde

What Topic se.nce Developinent Of ‘r’unrn
Explore and show understanding of key Issues such as individuals’ rights. 0.01110. and obligations within a diverse society Dellne your topla and • Ethical issues relating to health and social care • Human fights • Social injustice • Case study and scenarios
What are the impacts on health and social care environinei. Use a gOOd Su.ortive reference. Mghi,….00
Evidence Supporting Evidence
Provide evidence (Harvard referencing style with in-text) le human rights, social Injustice, confldentiallty and con.nt wgh . con.. or health and soda! care. Are there any laws e.g. Human Rights Act. Ide.1 Health Act, 1..1 Capacity Act. Data
Example: provide other examples or .ws
Is there other evidence to suggest similar opinions, AISO crItically exanllne and eve.. Mis evidenoe.
Do:Summing up the PeragraPh
Do a liMe summary for Mis paragraph b close it appropria.Y.
Paragraph 2 :Int: (475-525) wools
What are the .no. ethical approaches to grad. sMabons involving p.ntially conflidng values and ethical dilemmas’? Fo .1.11-441. 111 can look al the professlonal edhics clashing with personal and moral eMlos, Merefore, causIng an ethical moral dilemma. But.. is done in the sibJagon b resolve thi,


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