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Enterprise Resource Planning
Lab. 7
 Production Scheduling
This lab will schedule productions and create a standard costing for the production.
Negative Stock
To save time buying all of the items required to produce the products, the system will be
amended to allow items to have a negative quantity– allow the stock level to be negative.
This feature is often used when ERP applications are first implemented. A stock take is
generally performed and the stock figures added to the system. This takes a few days so
the stock is allowed to be negative until stock values are known.
Open form Item Model Groups: Inventory Management->Setup->Inventory-
>Inventory Model Groups.
Tick Physical Negative Inventory for EACH of the model groups.
Close the form
Production Journals
Production data is entered by journals.
Open form Journal Names : Production Control->Setup->Production Journal Names.
A picking list journal is required to transfer the items from the warehouse to the
shopfloor. This journal is often processed automatically.
Select New and create a journal called Picking and leave the Journal Type to be Picking
List. The voucher series might be different in your system.
A journal is required to finish the production and update finished goods stock.
Select New and create a journal called Report Fin and change the Journal Type to be
Report as Finished.
A journal is required to process the cost and scrap for each operation of the production.
Select New and create a journal called Route and change the Journal Type to be Route
Select New and create a journal called Job and change the Journal Type to be Job Card.
The Job Card journal provides for entry of data for productions that are job scheduled.
Select New and create a journal called Co Prod and change the Journal Type to be CoProducts.
Close the Production Journal Names form.
Open the Production Control Parameters form : Production->Setup->Production
Control Parameters.
Choose the Journals tab.
Enter the journal names in the Default Journal Names fields as follows:
Close the Production Control Parameters form.
Production Orders
Locate the production order that you created earlier on the Production Orders form. The
production is to be job scheduled. Job scheduling will be explained in the lecture.
Production Control->Common->All Production Orders
Select the Schedule tab. Select the Schedule Job function.
Press OK on the Job Scheduling form.
Select the Gantt Chart option.
Move the scroll bar to locate when the production is scheduled on each resource.
Close the form.
The production needs to be released to the production environment.
Select Release on the Production Order tab and press Ok.
Select Start to start the production,
Select OK.
AX should display the production status. Close the form.
The production has been started. This will generally print a production order in the
Production department office and might also print a picking list in the warehouse for raw
materials items.
When the production is started the items that are required to make the product are
automatically picked from stock by the Picking List Journal. Select the Production
Details Function and choose the BOM option. Highlight an item, select Inventory and
Lot. The form will show the amount that has been deducted from stock.
Even though the items have been picked automatically it is possible to enter another
journal to add more products for defects.
Close the forms so that you are again on the Production Orders form.
You need to update the production information by choosing the View tab on the
Production Order form and selecting the Route Card option.
Select the Lines function. You should see the proposed usage. Again the system has
posted automatically but you could amend the hours for machines by creating another
Close the forms so the Production is displayed.
As the production has been Job Scheduled you need to enter the actual time spent on each
machine. Select Job Card and select the New function to create a journal.
Choose Job in the Name Field.
Select Lines. This passes control to the Journal Lines form. Enter the job details one line
at a time, select the job identifier by choosing each one in turn. Enter an estimated hours
value. Enter the quantity produced in the Good Quantity of 50 as the total quantity for
each line. This identifies the quantity that have been successfully produced at each
Tick BOM consumption for each operation to consume the items. This is backflushing
items as explained in the lecture.
Tick that each operation has been completed by ticking the Operation Completed. Set the
last operation to report the production as finished. This finalises the production.
Post the journal by selecting Post. Press OK on the batch form.
The following form should be displayed. Press Close.
Close the forms so the production order is displayed.
Selct Report as finished to finalise the production.
Press OK on the form that is displayed. The Infolog should show the Finish Production
journal as posted.
Close the Infolog.
The laptop computers have been produced.
On the Production Order tab select the On Hand function. The Laptop computers are in

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