Effective Team Responses

1. Complete this Management Live assignment:
        a. Review the Management Live 10.4 feature in Chapter 10 in Baldwin et al. (2013). (ATTACHED)
        b. Explain why you do or do not believe that it can be functional for teams to fight.
        c. Describe a time when you were on a team that had a fight. Identify whether or not the fight was functional and explain how you could have used the tactics described in the Management Live 10.4 feature to help the team to fight more productively.

2. Complete this Team Cohesion assignment:
        a. Review the Building Team Cohesion section (ATTACHED) and the Managers Tool Kit 10.4 feature in Chapter 10 in Baldwin et al. (2013). (ATTACHED)
        b. Describe a time when you have been a part of a very cohesive team in the healthcare environment (e.g., on a project team working on a healthcare assignment for school, or on a team at work).
        c. Explain whether or not your team practiced the steps described in the Managers Tool Kit 10.4 feature.
        d. Explain how you know if you are part of a cohesive team and what happens within the team that makes it cohesive.
        e. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of having a cohesive team.

3. Complete this Case Study assignment:
        a. Review the Small Teams, No Titles: Life at W.L. Gore case study at the end of Chapter 10 in Baldwin et al. (2013).
        b. Answer the questions at the end of the case study.

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