Educational research.





For this assignment you will complete the following tasks:
Select and review an peer-reviewed journal article that focuses on educational research.
Choose an article that discusses research and that collected some kind of data, not just a think piece or
opinion piece. It can be qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research.
On the first page, please give the citation, including the authors, title, journal and date. Use APA 7th edition
Answer the following questions in the order they appear. If any of the questions below are not applicable to
your article, note this. Use information from your article to support your answer.
What is the purpose of the study? Are the research questions clearly stated, and do they flow logically from the
What is/are the research question(s)? Is it (are they) supported by a critical review of the literature? Is there a
rationale for the hypothesis?
Does the literature review contextualize the study well?
Is the research design clearly described? What type of study was this (use any classification you wish), e.g.,
qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, case study, descriptive, correlational, experimental? Describe the
design in terms of pretests, post-tests, treatments, observations, etc.
If applicable, who constituted the sample and how was it selected? Does this follow an appropriate sampling
procedure? If not, did the author acknowledge reasons for sample selection? If applicable, what population is
the sample and study supposed to generalize to?
What types of measures were used, e.g., tests, survey, interview protocol instruments)? Was any evidence
presented on their validity and reliability? Was an adequate description of what the measures assessed
provided (e.g., test content, topics, item types)?
What methods of data analysis were used? How were the data displayed? Were any statistical tests used?
Were the tests appropriate? Was there enough information provided to decide if they were appropriate? Or was
qualitative data coded? How did the researcher code the data?
What were the findings and conclusions? For quantitative studies, were the results of the statistical analyses
presented? For qualitative studies, do the findings present central themes? Do the conclusions presented
match the findings that were reported?
What were any possible threats to internal or external validity? Did the study have limitations?
What is your evaluation of the worth of the study, the quality of the methods used, the writing quality and the
paper’s strong and weak points? Apply the CRAAP test to the study.





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