Econ Short Answer Questions One question just need one paragraph

Econ Short Answer Questions

One question just need one paragraph

1.The past 500 years have seen divergence in GDP and growth rates between developed and undeveloped countries. Name 3 examples of countries whose development runs contrary to this trend (i.e. a developed country whose growth stagnated, or an underdeveloped country that experienced above-average growth), and give one potential explanation for each example.

2.Briefly describe the 3 main theories for divergence in economic development. Describe an argument for, and an argument or counterexample against each theory.

3.Explain the difference between economic growth and economic development. Use an example of a civilization or event we studied in class to illustrate the difference between the two.

4.Is China an appropriate counterexample to the geographic theory of development (a la Guns, Germs, and Steel)? Why or why not?

5.Give 2 examples of historical events or trends that occurred from 1000-1700 CE, and describe how they contributed to the decline of manorialism or serfdom.

6.Describe the difference between serfdom in Eastern and Western Europe. Use historical and/or theoretical examples to explain how these differences came about.


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