With appropriate psychological references, explore how the activity in the website impacts the illustrated culture. You are not being to asked to simply describe the activity, but specifically address how the activity impacts the

With appropriate psychological references, explore how the activity in the website impacts the illustrated culture. You are not being to asked to simply describe the activity, but specifically address how the activity impacts the psyche of members of this community. The content should be approximately the depth/breadth of a double length discussion answer.
Find a video on you tube. This is about how some activity (choose one) impacts the psyche of the members of a community

I chose to do my video field trip about Hispanic culture and their influence in the US, with the Hispanic community in the United States growing each year, Hispanic influence on American culture is more visible than ever and influence on different aspects of American culture and lifestyle. Hispanic people are those coming from areas where Spanish is spoken, especially from Latin America. In the United States, Hispanics are the largest minority yet they have maintained their identity and culture and passed it on from generation to generation. how

The video shows how Hispanics influence different aspects of the American culture, and this varies from state to state, states with more Hispanics can perceive this influence more, for example there are many states where most of jobs require the employee to be bilinguals.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. The states with the largest Spanish-speaking population are California, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico.

While most Latinos who live in the United States know both English and Spanish, many recent immigrants and older adults feel more comfortable speaking their native language, according to the 2000 census. Even Latinos fluent in English may find it easier to recount episodes from their early childhoods or talk about emotions in their mother tongues, research suggests. Hispanics identify best with their family’s country or place of origin rather than the terms “Hispanic” or “Latino.” The good news is that there is a thread of similar cultural values, identity and passion points that Latinos tend to share among its own diverse nationalities.

Hispanics are a very strong culture with values and traditions that they keep passing into other generations and even influencing the american culture. Traditions are very important for Hispanics and this could be one of the reasons why this culture stands out of the crowd.

By far, family is the strongest of these values and Latinos in general have a deep identification and attachment to their family, which is defined beyond the traditional American nuclear family of parents and children. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, cousins and even close family friends play a role as well, and it is not uncommon for Latinos to live in multi-generational households.

Sports are a big passion point for Hispanics, with soccer taking the lead primarily because from the time Latinos are young, we grow up watching and playing the sport.

For Hispanics, meals are more than just providing a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a way to keep a vital part of our heritage and culture alive and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Mealtime is also a way to pass on culture and tradition to the next generation.

The Hispanic Influence on American Culture details how people across all demographics see the country changing as a result of the infusion of Latino culture. The influence is fueled by the sheer size of the Hispanic population, now roughly one in six Americans, and the recognition, acceptance and consequent organic adoption of aspects of the Hispanic culture by non-Hispanics, and also in the other hand, Hispanics now see themselves as agents of change.


Hispanic influence on American Culture


The Hispanic influence on american culture


How the latino culture stands out of the crowd


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