Week-4:Learning Team: Cloud Implementation Proposal, Part III
Refer to the Project Overview in Week One.
Create a 1-page Communication Plan using Microsoft® Word communicating how the organization can manage the integration of security practices and tools with human behavior. Your audience is the entire company. Include the following:
Security strategies every employee can implement
The best methods to communicate information on security-related issues
Week-4.1:Individual: Cloud Security
Your organization has a company newsletter. The lead for this newsletter has asked you to write a high-level, IT-related, engaging article which the entire company will read. Remembering there have been several new hires who recently joined your organization, you decide to write about cyber security.
Write a 2-page article using Microsoft® Word for publishing in the company newsletter on cyber security. This article should provide the following:
Background on cyber security
Security fundamentals in the cloud
Recommendations on selecting a security modality