Unit VI Article Review

Using the CSU online library, locate an article that discusses project management today. This could include conflictresolution and negotiation skills, project budgeting, risk planning, project scheduling and resource management, or themonitoring/control of projects. Think about these ideas and questions when compiling your article analysis.

After examining the article, summarize the overall concepts within the article.
Discuss the author’s perspective with respect to project management.
After reading this article, along with knowledge gained in this course, what is your opinion of the role of projectmanagement within an organization, and ultimately, of the project manager as it relates to completion of the project?
Your response should be a minimum of two pages, double-spaced. References should include minimally the articlereference from the CSU online library (required), plus one additional credible reference. All sources used must bereferenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations, and cited per APA guidelines.